Do you know your steaks?

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like steaks. 

But what if I told you steak could taste even better if you know more about what they are and where they come from?

It's true.

Steak can taste even better.

Let's talk about the different steak cuts we sell and what they mean.

T-bone: these are basically two steaks in one; tenderloin on one side and strip steak on the other. This gives you two different textures and flavors in one awesome steak.

Tenderloin Filet: this is basically the most prized steak on the cow. It's known for being very flavorful and very tender. Pretty much a slam-dunk no matter how you cook it.

Top Sirloin: these big, beefy steaks are leaner than others but still great for grilling, which allows their flavor to shine through.

Round: these steaks are very lean but great for braising or making into jerky, throwing in the crockpot, and anything low and slow. These are an economical cut, probably not your best grilling steak.

Porterhouse: essentially bigger T-bones. In order for a t-bone to become a porterhouse, the filet (on the other side of the steak) has to be bigger than that of a t-bone.

NY strip: these come from the short loin of the cow, which is a part that does very little work, resulting in a tender steak. Great for grilling or pan searing and finishing in the oven.

Tomahawk: these are rib steaks with an impressive 5 inches of rib bone left intact. Ideal for grilling up to medium/medium-rare perfection. These are stunners that make a great holiday or special occasion meal.

Bone-in rib: essentially the slightly-less-impressive version of the tomahawk. Still packs the same flavor and grilling potential.