Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And while we're not big into Hallmark holidays around here, we do like any excuse to eat good steak.

We recently read an article that said the average Valentine's dinner at a fancy restaurant can run you over $170.

But we can do better.

For the same price, we'll give you:

x2 impressive Valentine's Day Tomahawk steaks,

x2 New York strip steaks for next date night,

x4 lbs ground beef to save for weeknights.

That's 4-6 meals for the price of one restaurant excursion (Plus you don't have to pay for gas OR find a babysitter.)

Way better deal, right?

And if you need ideas for what to serve with your steaks, we've got you covered there too. Click here for our Genuine Beef Valentine's Day Meal Plan.